Welcome to South Carolina

Welcome to South Carolina, home of all four seasons! South Carolina is a relatively quiet state, surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters. We’re rich in both our culture, which dates back to 1663, and our progress. Whether you’re looking for a busy city or a quiet town tucked away in the mountains, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Below is a video, taken by a drone, which shows you Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville is one of SC’s fastest growing cities. And for good reason. Greenville is a beautiful, small city tucked away in the surrounding foothills. The video mainly shows the downtown area which has gone through major renovations within the last 10 years. Downtown offers everything from family fun in the park to a lively nightlife.

Be sure to check out the events that will be going on in Greenville all week on our events page! No matter where you find yourself in SC, there’s always plenty of local fun to be had.